Bloom and rebloom

July 27, 2016


It has been a strange season.  We are getting some beautiful rebloom, and there are more new scapes popping up in the seedling patch as well as the display beds.  Phil just commented, "We sure are getting a lot of new scapes out there now. Today's blooms of Artic Lace were incredible."  Both of us have been collecting the pods from our plants, and some plants have already delivered all the future beauties from our crosses  In addition, I have never seen the foliage look so beautiful in late July.  Usually the heat has taken its toll and leaves are showing some brown, but this year everything is still vivid green and lush, even in the 99 degree heat. Some plants that usually bloom like gangbusters didn't bloom at all this year, some that are usually later bloomed early and vice versa.  This winter really messed up their inner clocks. Here are some of the hems that bloomed mid to late July.   



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