June is busting out all over!

June 1, 2016

The variety of the modern daylily never fails to amaze me.  So often, people think that the orange 'ditch lily" that one sees on the roads is the only kind of daylily that exists.  The modern daylily (aka hemerocallis) is full of variety and there are tens of thousands of varieties, with hundreds of new introductions and registrations each year.  Although some flowers may look similar because they share the same color or shape, each variety is unique - just like people.  With all this variety, there is something for everyone.  Our blooming season has started to take off.  All of these flowers are seedlings (new varities that have not been registered as a new variety yet) with the exception of the bright orange flower. This bright orange is a registered variety named H. Primal Scream.   






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